If you have visited my little bible blog in the past, then you already know that we have started a new curriculum at our church. This has involved sorting through whatever supplies are already available and reorganizing. This is still very much a work in progress. Everything has been moved into an unused classroom while the Teacher supply/workroom was being painted. Things are still a bit of a mess. However, while digging around I found some wonderful games that had been made about 20-30 years ago. These needed some repair work, but are quite easy to make and use. Each one was made on a sheet of posterboard and uses 10-12 questions. The questions are on the large piece of posterboard. The answers are seperate. The student matches the question with the answer using magnets. Don’t worry. I do have a couple of pictures to help this make more sense.

As you can see the games are themed and a simple pocket on the back holds the key and the answers. I found one for The Beautitudes using bumblebees and one for the early church using church buildings and steeples. These games are quite visual and fun. The magnets had come off many of them. This was easy enough to fix. Magnet strips with adhesive can be purchased. E-6000 adhesive also works well to glue the magnets. I am teaching a Survey of the New Testament, so I only pulled out and repaired the New Testament games. I did find some Old Testament games such as Joseph and Judges as well as Men and Women of the Bible. These can be made easily enough and for a variety of themes. I will take a few minutes tomorrow after church to make a list of all the games that are currently in existence (I hope to make a Paul game in the coming weeks) and will make this list available to you. If you would like a picture and/or copy of the questions used you can email me at lissieb7 at gmail.com. I will get this information to you as quickly as possible. Please visit again as I will be posting about other games and visuals we will be using. I recently looked through some bulletin board books that my aunt had in storage and found some ideas to use as visual aids. As I get things made, I will post and share pics. This new curriculum is fun and at the same time challenging. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas on teaching concepts from the epistles please share. I would love to hear from you.