Creation and Babel Tuesday, Sep 16 2008 

This week’s lesson was the Tower of Babel. We illustrated this lesson using a dry erase board and markers. My husband began drawing a tower on the board. When he needed a different color, he merely asked. The key was asking for the colors in a made up language. The girls didn’t know what color he needed and had to guess. They had fun with the game and I believe it beautifully illustrated the difficulties that occur when one cannot communicate with another. After our lesson was complete, the girls finished their work on Creation Mobiles from the week before. The internet is full of free pictures to color. I found a sun, flower, etc. and allowed the girls to color and decorate. Voila! An instant creation mobile.


Pipe cleaner love Sunday, Aug 17 2008 

We made these this morning. Our lesson was from I John 4. We wrote “God is love” and “Love one another” on the hearts. The kids wrote other things about love on the hearts as well. They also decorated the pots using glitter glue. Silly me, I thought a few stickers would suffice. I found this craft in a book for 2-6 year olds, but my slightly older crew of girls really seemed to enjoy it. They were able to make the whole craft themselves with little or no prep on my part. You’ll need construction paper, pipe cleaners, small pots, stapler, and play dough. Cut hearts out of red construction paper and staple them to the pipe cleaner. The pipe cleaner was a little long so we curled it around pencils. Next, put a ball of play dough in the pot and put the pipecleaner in the play dough. My husband made the play dough lastnight. It is a simple recipe. You’ll need 1 cup flour, 1 Tbsp oil, 2 tsp cream of tartar, 1/2 cup salt, 10 drops food coloring in 1 cup water. Mix the ingredients in a saucepan. Stir and cook until the mixture looks like mashed potatoes and forms a ball. Knead until cool and place in an airtight container. This craft can easily be done in a short class time and again the kids really seemed to enjoy it!

Fruit of the Spirit Sunday, Aug 17 2008 

Last week we studied Galatians 5:22-23. We needed a fun fruity craft. I found this recipe for Scratch ‘N’ Sniff watercolor paints you can make yourself in The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions. The kids had a great time with this craft. Mix 1 tablespoon of water with one packet of Kool-Aid. We used lemonade, strawberry, cherry, grape, and orange flavors. We mixed our colors in an ice cube tray. One could also use a muffin tin. My husband drew the above picture which we copied onto cardstock. I also put down an inexpensive tablecloth purchased from Wal-Mart’s party section. This made clean up especially easy. The colors are rich and vibrant. Once the paint dries, it can be scratched and will smell just like the various flavors. The kids had a wonderful time and were quite excited.

NOTE: We did notice that the grape flavor initially looked black, but as it dried it began to look more and more purple.

A Light in the World Thursday, Aug 14 2008 

Hubby and I were teaching a lesson about witnessing for Christ. We talked about telling others about Jesus and we talked about being a light in the world. To help illustrate the lesson we turned out the lights in the classroom and I spoke about how dark it was in the room and compared this to a world living in sin. As I spoke about how we are to be lights in the world my husband snapped one of those glow stick bracelets and began to shake it in order to really make it light up. The kids loved it! The lesson went wonderfully and at a very small cost. We found the bracelets at the Dollar Tree, in a package of 6. At the end of class we turned out the lights again and gave each student a bracelet. They had so much fun and hopefully the lesson will be remembered. I just thought this may be helpful to others. It can often be difficult to find activities and crafts for class time. Oh and a quick google search showed just how easy it is to find the bracelets. If you need a really large quantity I recommend visiting Oriental Trading. I’ve ordered from them before and been quite pleased!

Hello world! Thursday, Aug 14 2008 

I have taught preschool age bible classes for many years.  Finding crafts and activities for this age group has never been a problem.  Recently my husband and I began teaching 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.  I have found it quite difficult to find crafts for this age group, especially with only a 45 minute class time.  I’ve been thinking that I’m not the only one teaching this age group.  Others must be having a similar problem.  The result is this blog.  I want to share with others the crafts and projects I do find or create that the kids really seem to like.  My prayer is that others may find this information useful.

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