Hubby and I were teaching a lesson about witnessing for Christ. We talked about telling others about Jesus and we talked about being a light in the world. To help illustrate the lesson we turned out the lights in the classroom and I spoke about how dark it was in the room and compared this to a world living in sin. As I spoke about how we are to be lights in the world my husband snapped one of those glow stick bracelets and began to shake it in order to really make it light up. The kids loved it! The lesson went wonderfully and at a very small cost. We found the bracelets at the Dollar Tree, in a package of 6. At the end of class we turned out the lights again and gave each student a bracelet. They had so much fun and hopefully the lesson will be remembered. I just thought this may be helpful to others. It can often be difficult to find activities and crafts for class time. Oh and a quick google search showed just how easy it is to find the bracelets. If you need a really large quantity I recommend visiting Oriental Trading. I’ve ordered from them before and been quite pleased!